The Lion Graphic Bible

The Lion Graphic Bible

The whole story from Genesis to Revelation

Jeff Anderson & Mike Maddox
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A beautifully illustrated paraphrase in a dynamic graphic-novel style. Text size: 6pt.

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Illustrator Jeff Anderson, best known for his work on the Judge Dredd comic series, uses his skills to great effect in this superbly illustrated graphic Bible.

This helpful paraphrase connects teenagers with the stories of the Bible by presenting them in a dynamic, graphic-novel style. It is a large format, 265 page volume covering both Old and New Testaments.

Will appeal to everyone from age eight upwards who likes comics!

Product details


Age range: 12 - 18
Author Jeff Anderson, Mike Maddox
ISBN 9780745949239
Format Paperback
First published October 2012
Dimensions 194mm x 257mm x 13mm
Print size 6pt
Language English
Pages 256
Publisher Lion Hudson

Youthworks Magazine

Quite simply brilliant! A powerful 256-page package which is sure to communicate well to this most visually-orientated generation.

Christian Herald

Outstanding. Alternately exciting, gritty and even humorous.

Customer reviews



Not perfect of course, but very very good. A lot of content, pretty faithful. It's just great to have so many more bible stories to read to my kids than most of my picture bibles have. A lot more good than harm, and can easily be adapted and added to. An outstanding work and labour of love. A lot of respect for this, it's blessed me and kids and improved the range of stories and biblical data I can easily acquaint my six year old with. He loves being read it. We're on round 2 soon.


“Exciting & realistic”

Presents the truth of the bible in a lively and exciting way. (6 & 8 yrs old).


“Not sure this is biblical enough”

Was wanting to use this as to engage with pre-teens of Muslim background. Two things trouble me:
1. The first salvation promise of God through Jesus Christ (he will send a child born of woman to crush Satan) to Adam & Eve in Genesis 3:15 is entirely missing. All that is said is "As for the serpent God put him under a curse. He must crawl on his belly in the dirt. He would bite at the heels of humanity. He would be hated, hunted down and killed" (with a drawing of a live snake).
2. There are a number of drawings of Old Testament women wearing strapless tunics (ie fully bare shoulders, decollete and upper arms) - in public. This is historically inaccurate, and an unnecessary distraction for readers from a Muslim background. It suggests that the women (eg Sarah, Rebekah) were immoral.
Will not use this book, will use instead The Action Bible New Testament, and The Big Picture Story Bible (which explains Genesis 3:15 as "God promised that one day someone would come and crush Satan's power over people" (with a drawing of Jesus, arms outstretched as if on the Cross, standing over a dead snake).

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The Lion Graphic Bible | Jeff Anderson, Mike Maddox | £9.99 £7.99