Bible-Centred Youthworker 2013

Bible-Centred Youthworker 2013

Talks and seminars which were recorded at the 2013 Bible-Centred Youthworker conference.



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Download the talks and seminars from the 2013 Bible-Centred Youthworker conference here for free!

Highly recommended for any children's and youth workers.

(Please note that the morning streams and seminar recordings have not been edited throughout, so there may be some pauses where group discussions have taken place).

Main Talks

1. The Bible Centred Youthworker - Jonty Allcock (Unfortunately Jonty Allcock's talk in the first session wasn't recorded.)
2. Context and covenant - Andy Paterson
3. Rotten grapes - Andy Paterson
4. Fire in the darkness - Andy Paterson
5. Kingdom come - Andy Paterson

Morning Streams

1. Ministry - Trevor Pearce and Ed Drew
If you’re new to full-time youth and children’s work, or in your first few years, then this is the one to choose—a practical look at the nuts and bolts of youthwork that pleases God.
These may not be in the correct order.
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3

2. Leadership - Jonty Allcock and Andy Paterson
Full-time youthworkers often have leadership thrust upon them with little or no training or experience. This stream will help you think through how to lead in a way that builds your team, trains your leaders and is modelled on Christ’s leadership.
Session 6 may be in the wrong order.
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6

3. Theology - Mel Lacy and Nick Tucker
Dig in to the themes of judgment and mercy in more depth than is possible in the evening talks. Be stretched in your understanding; then consider how to apply that to yourself and the young people in your care.
Session 1 (Tuesday)
Session 2 (Wednesday)
Session 3 (Thursday)

Tuesday Seminars

Developing ministry in local schools - Sue Fearon
This seminar will highlight the wide range of opportunities for local church ministry in school. In particular there will be clear and specific information on what the law allows in assemblies, enabling even beginners to share the gospel in school with confidence.

Five ideas for using social media - Alan Witchalls
Social media has grown to be a key aspect of 21st century UK culture. In this seminar we will be looking at five ways in which we can redeem social media to be a tool for people to meet and walk with Jesus.

One-to-ones with teenagers - Carl Laferton
This seminar will (hopefully) both excite and equip you about doing a deep work of discipleship with teenagers, and help you think through how to make it an integral part of your church’s youth ministry, rather than an add-on or something for “the professionals” (you!). It’ll be helpful both for those who’ve never one-to-oned, and those who have considerable experience. (This is an expanded version of a workshop Carl led at the Growing Young Disciples training day in London in autumn 2012.)

(The 'Doubt' seminar with Tim Thornborough was not recorded at the conference. However you can listen to a similar seminar from the Growing Young Disciples conference. Unfortunately there were technical problems with Nick Jackman's seminar, Messy Messages)

Wednesday Seminars

Great Expectations - Dave Thornton
Wouldn’t you love to see a growing ministry where young people are discovering and developing their gifts, and engaging more equally with the wider church? We’ll be thinking through the Biblical basis, hearing creative ideas for getting young people involved and sharing what has worked in our contexts.

(The mental-health-aware youthworker, Sexual purity and Teaching the truth about Jesus through drama seminars were not recorded. We unfortunately also had technical problems with Dave Fenton's seminar on discipline)

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