Bible-Centred Youthworker 2012: Servant Son Slave

Bible-Centred Youthworker 2012: Servant Son Slave

Talks and Seminars

All the talks and seminars which were recorded at the 2012 Bible-centred Youthworker conference.



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Download all the talks and seminars from the 2012 Bible-Centred Youthworker conference here for free!
Highly recommended for any children's and youth workers.

(Please note that the seminar recordings have not been edited throughout, so there may be some pauses where group discussions have taken place)

Main Talks

1. The Bible Centred Youthworker (Acts 6 v 1-7) - Rory Bell
2. Ministering with a heart - Jonty Allcock
3. Working like a dog (Matthew 8 v 16-27) - Pete Woodcock
4. Ministering as a son, not a slave - John Hindley
5. The exorcist (Matthew 8 v 28-34) - Pete Woodcock
6. Ministering depending on the Lord - Trevor Pearce
7. Looking through the eyes of Jesus (Matthew 9 v 1-8) - Pete Woodcock
8. Plenary (Matthew 9 v 35-38) - Pete Woodcock

Tuesday Seminars

Understanding children's spirituality - Mel Lacy
Children change physically, mentally and emotionally as they grow. But what about spiritually? Is being a Christian the same whatever age we are? Or does a child's spirituality grow as they do?

Growing oak trees not mushrooms: planning beyond Sunday - Dave Thornton
Look at the wider church's mission. Set a vision for your ministry/group. Inspire others to journey where God is taking you. Put a plan together which will help you see your God-given vision happen. What can never change? What must change?

Trinity: wonderfully simple and simply wonderful – John Hindley
One or three? Seem unnecessarily confusing and abstractly… irrelevant? If the Trinity has bothered or confused you, then come along. We’ll spend the first fifteen minutes understanding the Trinity (that’s not a joke, honestly! It is simpler than you might think) and then the rest of the time seeing our Father, His Son and the Spirit in their glorious love. They will mend your heart, pastor your young people and children, and set you and them speaking the gospel with depth and wonder.

Storytelling with children (under 11s) – Sarah Bradley
A practical look at redeeming the lost art of storytelling and helping our teaching sessions come alive. We'll be looking at different methods and tricks of the trade to communicate and inspire children to be a part of the greatest story.

Using technology in youthwork (11-18s) – Jon Bradley
A practical look at the why, when and how of using technology in sessions with teenagers. We'll be exploring how to give presentations that effectively communicate to young people and that aid your teaching rather than distracting from it. There'll be loads of practical tips to help you create and communicate.

Please note: 'Using drama with teens' (Sarah Bradley), 'Growing our young people' (Dave Fenton), and 'Digging deeper: unpacking a Bible passage' (Alison Mitchell) were not recorded.

Wednesday Seminars

Leading music with teens – Philip Percival (EMU music)
Want to do great singing in your youth group but feel you have no musical skills at all? Come along and find out the why and how of leading a group to sing. Lots of practical suggestions, techniques and resources to help engage your teens with a ministry of the Word in song.

The heart of the matter: addressing the heart in all your teaching – Ian Fry
We are more than homo sapiens (thinking beings). We are homo adorons (worshipping beings). It is vital then that we address more than the mind when we teach. Failure to do so means that we are not teaching the Bible. This seminar lays out some of the key Bible ‘stuff’ and explores how we can get to the heart in our teaching.

Dealing with doubt – Trevor Archer
Doubt is something we don’t like to talk about for fear of seeming ‘disloyal’ or ‘dodgy’. Many Christians (not least young people) suppress or deny their doubts. But, like the poor, doubts will always be with us and can be a really good means to spiritual growth in ourselves and those we minister to. This will be a really helpful seminar – don`t doubt it!

Leading music with kids (under 11s) – Philip Percival (EMU music)
Want to do great singing with your kids’ group but feel you have no musical skills at all? Come along and find out the why and how of leading a group to sing. Lots of practical suggestions, techniques and resources to help engage your kids with a ministry of the Word in song.

What’s the problem? Dealing with anger in a child/teen – Ian and Nina Fry
Anger is a growing area that youth and children’s workers have to cope with. It is part of what is popularly called ‘challenging behaviour’. This seminar overviews the Bible’s teaching on anger and lays out some suggestions for dealing with anger amongst the young.

How to stop being boring – Pete Woodcock
So often we take God's Word and make it boring – so in this seminar we will be looking at ways to release the eloquence of the wonderful Word of God. Primarily this is for those who speak and teach upfront, and not for discussion leaders.

Please note: 'I'm new to full-time children's and youth work' (Rory Bell), and 'Being a single woman in ministry' (Mel Lacy) were not recorded.

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