Bible-Centred Youthworker 2011: Start to Finish

Bible-Centred Youthworker 2011: Start to Finish

Talks and Seminars

All the talks and seminars which were recorded at the 2011 Bible-centred Youthworker conference.



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Download all the talks and seminars which were recorded at the 2011 Bible-centred Youthworker conference here for free! Highly recommended for any for children's and youth workers.

If you want to read outlines from these seminars, some reactions and impressions from the time, and also ongoing comment, links and reviews of all things connected with youth and children's work, then visit the BCY blog.

(Please note that the seminar recordings have not been edited, so there may be some pauses while group discussion was happening.)

Main Talks

1 - The Lord of youth and children's work – Phil Moon
2 - The future of youth and children's work – Phil Moon
3 - The message of youth and children's work – Phil Moon

1 - The motive of genuine gospel ministry – Trevor Archer
2 - The method of genuine gospel ministry – Trevor Archer
3 - The mark of genuine gospel ministry – Trevor Archer

The punching preacher – Trevor Pearce

Tuesday Seminars

Admin and time management – Jackie Moralee & Carl Laferton
Managing our time and our admin are often not top priorities in ministry! But they have the potential to free us to be more effective; or to derail our gospel work. This seminar will equip you to think these issues through for yourself in your situation; give you tips and ideas; and warn you of mistakes to avoid!

A rough guide to schoolswork – Tim Neale
How can you and schools work together? What kind of schools worker are you? What can you say in an assembly? What lessons can you offer to a school? These are all questions which will be tackled in the session. (Applies to both primary and secondary schools.)

The depressed Christian – Alison Mitchell & Tim Thornborough
Depression is known as “the common cold of mental health”. But being common doesn't make it easy. And should Christians get depressed when we have so much to be joyful about? Maybe you're struggling with depression yourself, or trying to support a young person, team member or friend who is. We'll look at what depressive illness can be like, from Alison, and get some practical tips on working with and supporting a depressive, from Tim.

Newcomers seminar – Trevor Pearce & associates
If you are relatively new to full time youth or children's ministry, you will realise that the job can be both brilliant and really tough! This interactive seminar will give you spiritual and practical advice and the opportunity to discuss some of the issues you may be facing.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow – Phil Moon, Dave Fenton, Mel Lacy
Where have we come from and where are we heading in Christian youthwork? Your opportunity to hear from and quiz some grey hairs (and Mel!) about some of the big-picture issues in youthwork “yesterday, today and tomorrow”. Stand back and think together about theology, ecclesiology, strategy, and a few other -ologys too.

Facebook or Fakebook? – Tim Neale
With the sudden rise of social networking in the last four years, how do we respond to it as youthworkers? Does it affect our methodology of working with our young people – and how can it be a tool in our ministry?

Marketing your ministry – Rory Bell
Leadership requires the ability to sell a vision. Sometimes people are less eager to buy into what you are trying to achieve than you'd like them to be. Sometimes these “reluctant customers” may be your church leadership! Learn how to sell your vision for Biblecentred children's and youth ministry in a God-honouring and winsome way.

Wednesday Seminars

Reaching out to children – Sue Fearon, Lindsey Brown and Hannah Wisby (Birmingham City Mission Children's Team)
This seminar will consider the principles and practicalities of Christian outreach to children. The main focus will be on outreach in areas where a faith other than Christianity is the “norm”. There will be an opportunity to share experiences and to ask questions.

Worldliness – Rachael Holyome
Where do groups of young people hang out? – the shopping centre. There they feast their eyes on the latest fashions; check out who has the most up-to-date phone; and imitate the adults they see buying everything on credit. This is the world our children are growing up in, so how can we help them to be “in the world but not of it” and to understand that God does care about what we wear, and particularly about the heart behind what we wear.

Changing the nominal to the committed – Dave Fenton
Many of us have young people in our groups who can say all the right things, look squeaky clean, but you know their walk with God is, at best, patchy. How do we help young people grow from group attendance to spiritual passion? We've only got an hour but we'll make some first moves.

Partnering with parents – Dave Fielder & Tamar Pollard
Sam's dad serves on your team. Luke's dad just complains. Lizzie's Christian mum never asks about your Bible teaching. Sophie's mum does, but isn't a Christian! Sound familiar? For some parents, home and church are a partnership – for others they're different worlds. We'll share ideas to work in partnership with parents.

Growing godly girls – Sarah Bradley
It can be difficult to live for Jesus in a world where what you look like is considered more important than what's inside; relationships with boys are seen as more important than one with God; and there's pressure to try and have it all! An opportunity to think through how we can help our girls to live for God – growing into godly women living for Him.

Does the future have a church? – Tim Thornborough
What do the statistics tell us about the church of the future in the UK? And what are the implications for those of us working in youth and children's work? Tim reviews what we think we know.

Great ideas for youth group socials – Dave Thornton
Let's have a social! Special events are a great way to build relationships and bring in outsiders. Or are they? Many of us have experienced “socials” where bands of friends clump resolutely together, leaving the “loners” to talk with leaders. So come along for great ideas for youth group socials that will help to build disciples, and encourage your group to be a Christian community who model God's grace and love.

Letting the lion loose – Trevor Pearce
Can we still preach to teenagers? Modern youthworkers use drama, video, roll-play and other communication methods. Have we lost confidence in God's living Word plainly explained?

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