Bible-Centred Youthworker 2008: The Message

Bible-Centred Youthworker 2008: The Message

Talks and Seminars

All the talks and seminars which were recorded at the 2008 Bible-centred Youthworker conference.



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The Message: Youth and Children's ministry for the 21st century

Downloadable talks and seminars from the 2008 Bible-centred Youthworker Conference for children's and youth workers.

The theme was 'The Message'—how to understand it; how to teach it; and how to live by it ourselves.

(Please note that the seminar recordings have not been edited, so there may be some pauses while group discussion was happening.)

Main Talks

Talk 1 - The Gospel and Wrath – Mark Ashton
Talk 2 - The Gospel and Justice – Mark Ashton
Talk 3 - The Gospel and Righteousness – Mark Ashton

Talk 1 - Not ashamed to preach – Trevor Pearce
Talk 2 - Not ashamed to apply – Trevor Pearce
Talk 3 - Not ashamed to suffer – Trevor Pearce

Opening session by Tim Thornborough


Spirituality: a good base for youth evangelism? - Ian Fry

Money too tight to mention? - Dominic Thomas
(Please bear in mind that statistics from this seminar were accurate for Jan 08, but may not be by the time you listen to the recording!)

Alien Nation: Doctor Who and the nature of humanity - Tony Watkins
(Due to copyright restrictions these recordings do not include soundtracks from clips shown during the seminar)

A long way from home: Engaging with Philip Pullman - Tony Watkins

Rightly handling the Word of truth: A beginner's guide to understanding and teaching the Bible - Tim Thornborough

Youth work and youth worth - Dominic Thomas

Sex Mis-education? (teens) - Linda Marshall

Sex Mis-education? (children) - Linda Marshall
(Please note that this recording is missing the last 15 minutes - we think someone accidentally unplugged the recorder. Sorry)

The Christian Youthworker and Mental Health Issues - Chris Schofield

What the Christian youth worker needs to know about marriage and the family - Mark Ashton

Newcomers seminar - Nick Jackman

Grief and Glory: Teaching the life of the great apostle - Trevor Pearce

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Dr Who

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Grief and glory

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Mark Ashton 1

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Mark Ashton 2

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Mental health

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Money tight

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Philip Pullman

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Rightly handling

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Sex Mis-ed teens

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Tim Thornborough

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Trevor Pearce 1

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Trevor Pearce 2

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Trevor Pearce 3

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Youth worth

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