Bible-Centred Youthworker 2007: Crucial

Bible-Centred Youthworker 2007: Crucial

Talks and Seminars

All the talks and seminars which were recorded at the 2007 Bible-centred Youthworker conference.

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Crucial: Cross-shaped ministry for the 21st century

Downloadable talks and seminars from the 2007 Bible-centred Youthworker Conference for children's and youth workers.

The theme was the Cross of Christ — how to understand it; how to teach it; and how to live by it ourselves.

(Please note that the seminar recordings have not been edited, so there may be some pauses while group discussion was happening.)

Main Talks

Liam Goligher - on the cross
Talk One
Talk Two
Talk Three

Introductory session and three evening sessions by Tim Hawkins
Introductory Session
Talk One
Talk Two
Talk Three


Newcomers stream - Trevor Pearce

Staying fresh for the long haul - Tim Hawkins

Growing boys into men – Part 1 - Ian Fry

Growing boys into men – Part 2 - Ian Fry

Growing girls into women – Part 1 - Nina Fry

Growing girls into women - Part 2 - Nina Fry

How to look after your leaders - Tim Hawkins

The prodigal, what is our strategy? - Dave Fenton

Totally harmless: Self harm in young people - Helen Thorne

Youth ministry as part of the body of Christ - Dave Fenton

Working with parents (of teenagers) - Tim Hawkins

Working with parents (of children) - Tim Thornborough

Teaching the cross through Proverbs - Trevor Pearce

Evangelising teenagers in the light of the new creation - David Whitehouse

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