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Best News Ever (ebook)

Best News Ever ebook

Your 100-day guide to the Gospel of Mark

from 4 reviews

A 100-day devotional for tweens aged 9-12


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When was the last time you heard some really incredible news that you couldn't wait to share? The Gospel of Mark is that kind of good news! It’s a life-changing announcement about who Jesus is, and what he’s done.

Best News Ever is a devotional that takes tweens aged 9-12 on a 100-day journey through Mark's fast-paced, action-packed story—helping them to understand the confusing bits, showing them how it connects with their life, and bringing them face to face with Jesus: the one who changes everything.

Each day's devotional includes:
• A passage to read — work through the whole of Mark's Gospel in bite-sized chunks
• A short explanation — guiding you though the confusing bits and showing what it means for you
• A question to reflect on — so that you can slow down and think through what you've read
• A prayer to pray — to help you respond to what God has said

Written in a pithy and engaging style, Best News Ever will help young people of all backgrounds to read the Bible for themselves, whether they know a little or a lot about Jesus already. It is also ideal to use as a family devotional.

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  • Introduction
    100 devotions through Mark's Gospel, including…
    1. Good News! (1:1)
    2. The Wait is (Almost) Over (1:1-5)
    3. Centre Stage (1:4-8)
    4. A New Beginning (1:9-11)
    5. A New Hero (1:12-13)


Age range: 9+
Contributors Chris Morphew
ISBN 9781784984595
Format eBook
First published November 2019
Language English
Publisher The Good Book Company

Tamar Pollard

Families Minister, Wahroonga Anglican Church, Sydney and Co-author of Epic Explorers

What a brilliantly accessible, highly engaging Bible reading resource is for both tweens and their families. The daily descriptive commentary on a short passage is chatty, readable and clear, and packed with helpful explanations and relevant illustrations. A great easy-to-use tool to help young people see Jesus’ character in the richness of Mark’s Gospel.

Dave Thornton

Youth, Children and Families’ Director, Christ Church, Winchester

Chris Morphew takes young readers seriously. Best News Ever is simple, but not simplistic. It’s interactive—encouraging you to think and to respond. In one word: BRILLIANT!

Colin Buchanan

Christian Children's Recording artist and author, Sydney, Australia

Best News Ever walks us through Mark’s Gospel to see and learn and think through how the truth about Jesus might change our lives forever. It’s a great mix of detail, background and big picture, delivered in really manageable, day-by-day readings

Customer reviews

22 Nov 2021

“More like this please!”

(Review written for 'Best News Ever')

I purchased this for my sister, who was beginning family devotions with her 3 boys ages 9-12. She said they all loved it and after they finished it, they tried some others, but this has been their favorite in content and format. Please publish some more like this and especially for the ordinary non-holiday times of the year.

5 May 2021


(Review written for 'Best News Ever')

I have found this so helpful to read with my 12 year old, I have gained so much from it too. It's deeply theologically written but a perfect length each night. I can't recommend it enough.

27 Jan 2021


(Review written for 'Best News Ever')

a book not just for youngsters. simple, a joy to read.

23 Jan 2020

“True, profound and manageable!”

(Review written for 'Best News Ever')

I was sceptical of this at first because my children are used to Bible notes with puzzles and activities to do. This is just words! However, my 10- and 8-year-old really enjoyed it, and I was amazed by Chris Morphew's ability to give a deep yet concise explanation in each and every (wonderfully short) chapter. Really thought-provoking. We all learnt a lot! And it's great to have the prayer at the end of each chapter, as children often struggle to find the words - as do adults! It would work well for older children reading on their own, too - although I always think it's best to read the Word with them!

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Best News Ever (ebook) | Chris Morphew |
£4.99 £4.24