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A New Name (ebook)

A New Name ebook

Grace and healing for anorexia

A testimony of how grace breaks through Emma Scrivener's battle with anorexia

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The face of anorexia is not a glossy model in a perfume ad. It's a starving animal, circling the empty cupboards, blank-eyed and vacant. It's a face frozen in a rictus grin, mouthing lies. 'I'm fine,' it says. 'Everything is under control.

I have always felt hungry, says Emma Scrivener. Not just for food, but for everything: from money to recognition. I'm a human chasm, a vortex of insatiable longing.'

Rescued from a disorder that nearly killed her, Emma is now passionate about warning others about the dark and hidden world she inhabited for too long.

Harrowing, heart-breaking, human and humorous, this book will grip you from start to finish. Wonder with Emma as God's grace breaks through and reshapes her heart and thinking, redeeming that which had seemed lost.

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  • Acknowledgements

  • Introduction

  • 1. Rare
    2. Resolved
    3. Relentless
    4. Ruled
    5. Recovery?
    6. Religious
    7. Relapse
    8. Revelation
    9. Reflections


Contributors Emma Scrivener
ISBN 9781844747801
Format eBook
First published September 2012
Language English
Publisher IVP
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