2 Ways to Live - DVD

2 Ways to Live - DVD

Know and share the gospel

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Contains extra input for leaders of the 2 Ways to Live course including role plays and demonstrations.

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We've gone back to square one with the well-known Two Ways to Live training course, and done extensive revision, in order to make it a more user-friendly and effective course for every Christian – because that's who it is aimed at. The seven-week course is designed to equip every Christian with two basic and essential things:

(1) a sound and thorough knowledge of what the gospel is, and
(2) the ability to share it with someone else clearly and naturally when the opportunity arises.

This Training DVD is an optional, but highly recommended, resource containing extra input for the leader as well as role plays and demonstrations to use throughout the course.

If you are considering running the course for the first time, you will need a Leader's and Participant's Manual, and might like to consider purchasing one of the Start-up Bundles.

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  • Input for Leader
  • L1. Introduction
  • L2. What is Two ways to live?
  • L3. Why this particular outline?
  • L4. How Two ways to live has been used
  • L5. About this course
  • L6. How this course works
  • L7. Practical training
  • L8. Conclusion
  • Training Course Resources
  • 1. The conversation
  • 2. Two ways to live - rote presentation
  • 3. The Better Conversation
  • 4. Two ways to live - padded presentation
  • 5. Versatility 1 - what's wrong with the world?
  • 6. Versatility 2 - living a good life
  • 7. About sharing thew gospel
  • 8. Which Way 1: Definite No - men
  • 9. Which Way 1: Definite No - women
  • 10. Which Way 2: Definite Yes - men
  • 11. Which Way 2: Definite Yes - women
  • 12. Which Way 3: Yes, but not yet - men
  • 13. Which Way 3: Yes, but not yet - women
  • 14. Which Way 4: On the fence - men
  • 15. Which Way 4: On the fence - women
  • 16. Which Way 5: Already Christian - men
  • 17. Which Way 5: Already Christian - women



ISBN 9781876326876
Format DVD video (Amaray)
First published 2004
Dimensions 135mm x 190mm x 15mm
Language English
Publisher Matthias Media
Customer reviews

“Enjoyable and useful.”

Enjoyable and useful. It is helping me to build up my confidence in talking through with people what it means to be a Christian.


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