The Beginners Bible

The Beginners Bible

Timeless children's stories

Our pick as the best available story Bible for younger children.

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An excellent introduction to the bible for toddlers and young children.


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Our pick as the best available story Bible for younger children. A good mixture of stories, accurate illustrations and key Bible themes linking them together. Good language usage for the under 6s and bright cheerful illustrations.

The Beginner's Bible is ideal to use alongside Beginning with God, our bible-reading resource for pre-schoolers.

Why not send a set to a nephew, niece or god-child?

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Product details


Age range: 2 - 6
ISBN 9781859855546
Format Hardback
First published 2004
Dimensions 180mm x 210mm x 39mm
Pages 528
Publisher Candle Books
Customer reviews

“Just what we were looking for!”

(Review written for 'Beginning with God with The Beginner's Bible')

My three year loves doing her Bible study everyday and is particularly keen on the sticker! I am intending to work our way through all three books and then repeat each book (great that you can buy spare sticker sets) and include the 'snack for the journey' section to extend it the secon time around.


“Fab for 3 year old son”

(Review written for 'Beginning with God with The Beginner's Bible')

My little boy enjoys reading and answering the questions most nights before bed, will definitely buy the other books in the series too


“Fantastic for beginers”

Child friendly colourful pictures accompany this great beginners bible for younger children, introducing main stories and characters from the bible.


“Appreciated by parents”

Bible given to a child when leaving Mum and Toddler group. Well received by parent/grandparent. Very heavy for a child.


“A simple, bright and colourful introduction to bible stories. ”

(Review written for 'The Beginner's Bible for Toddlers')

In our cluster of 6 Churches we endeavour to attract the young families bringing infants and toddlers for baptism and decided to present a copy to each candidate. As we purchased 50 copies this is a simple way of showing that we care. A bright and colourful introduction to bible stories.


“Lovely children's Bible”

Is is a gorgeous book to give to a child. Bright colours, lovely illustrations, altogether a great way to start little ones into God's word. Particularly good to give to children in families that don't "do church". Highly recommend.


“Just right for a first bible”

(Review written for 'The Beginner's Bible - The Very First Christmas')

We were looking for a first bible for our grandson aged 2. It looks as if it's going to be perfect for us to read to him with bright pictures and simple words that he will understand whilst not compromising on what the bible says.


“Helpful and fun”

(Review written for 'Beginning with God with The Beginner's Bible')

I use this with my kids who are 3 and 5. The bible stories are pretty short and the drawings are wonderful. The study guide is useful in putting structure to the lessons. I find that I am naturally asking the questions to my kids anyway, but it's good to make sure that I'm picking up the key point. The prayers are also really useful and the kids are starting to say different things rather than our usual 'thank you for a lovely day'. Overall, very happy that I bought this and I think from ages 4 and up is about right. The kids ask to read a bible story which shows the success in itself!


“Gift for our toddler group”

(Review written for 'The Beginner's Bible - The Very First Easter')

We like to give our Toddler group (67 of them and counting!) a Christian book or something at Christmas and Easter. This little book is perfect for Easter with lovely bright illustrations and true to the story. It was well received.


“Great for introducing young children to regular Bible readings”

(Review written for 'Beginning with God with The Beginner's Bible')

My three-year-old son is currently on his 4th repetition of BWG 1, 2 and 3 in sequence. We have to keep re-ordering them as he couldn't do without his Bible story and sticker every night! Books 1 and 2 come with a free extra sticker set, which is handy as it allows us to go through them twice for the price of one! The various extension activities allow us to expand a little on the stories once they have become familiar. This really is a fantastic resource and I have recommended it to many people.


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