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Evangelistic tracts for all seasons and events—explaining the gospel in a clear, visually-appealing way.

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  1. Sorted

    Sorted by Dai Hankey


    An evangelistic youth tract ideal for teens aged 13-19.  Learn more

  2. Short Steps for Long Gains: Youth Edition

    Short Steps for Long Gains: Youth Edition by Virginia Grice

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    26 short Bible discussions for parents or youth leaders to do with young adults.  Learn more

  3. The Fright of Your Life

    The Fright of Your Life by Tim Thornborough


    Halloween tract for teenagers - great for giving to trick or treaters!  Learn more

  4. The Remedy

    The Remedy by Dai Hankey


    A clear and simple tract explaining the remedy to what's gone wrong with the world.  Learn more

  5. Trick or Treat?

    Trick or Treat? by Alison Mitchell


    This short Halloween tract introduces children to the greatest treat of all, God's own Son, Jesus.  Learn more

  6. The Real Christmas Cracker

    The Real Christmas Cracker by Alison Mitchell

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    A full-colour leaflet for children with Bible passages, puzzles and questions looking at what happened at the very first Christmas.  Learn more

  7. What's it all about

    What's it all about by Martin Cole


    An evangelistic booklet for teenagers who need to know what Christianity is all about.  Learn more

  8. Who will be King?

    Who will be King? by Phillip Jensen

    £0.75  £0.60  YOU SAVE £0.15 (20%)

    Full-colour, durable kids version of the classic two ways to live tracts.  Learn more

  9. Eyewitness

    Eyewitness by Helen Thorne


    A short tract for young people written to encourage them to realise that the cross and resurrection are real events.  Learn more

Items 1 to 9 of 9 total

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