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Christianity Explored Sample Pack

One life. What's it all about?

Christianity Explored Sample Pack

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Everything you need to evaluate the Christianity Explored course.


Christianity Explored gives you time and space to think about the big questions of life and to explore the life of the man at the heart of the Christian faith, Jesus Christ.

Christianity Explored is ideal as a way of introducing people to Jesus, or as a refresher course for your home group or entire congregation. By focusing on Mark’s Gospel, it allows people to explore the person at the heart of the Christian faith - Jesus Christ.

The sample pack has been created to help you assess the course. It contains one DVD, one Leader's Guide, a Handbook and a copy of Mark's Gospel.


Table of contents

  • 1. Good news
  • 2. Identity
  • 3. Sin
  • 4. The Cross
  • 5. Resurrection
  • 6. Grace
  • Day Away part 1: The Sower
  • Day Away part 2: James and John
  • Day Away part 3: Herod
  • 7. Come and Die

Additional Information

Author Christianity Explored
ISBN 9781907377952
Format Mixed media product
Dimensions 152mm x 229mm
Publisher The Good Book Company/CE

Customer Reviews

Very Good

(Review written for 'Christianity Explored - Handbook')

 The course is very well laid out, but does assume some basic Bible Knowledge from the participants which some people in our group really struggled with.

The evidence for the Bible was good, but there was no explanation of what the Bible as a whole was, and in particular anything around the Old Testament which we started referencing in Session 2.

The course is set out well, easy to follow, with good examples, and answers to common questions.
The participants particularly like the videos and feel they are about the right length.

Apart from the a basics guide to the Old Testament, we also had to introduce an additional session on suffering between module 2 and 3 as we didn't feel it was appropriate to look at the material mentioned in Module 3(Sin) without having some awareness on the 10 Commandments, or the most important commandment(s) Mark 12:30. 

| Review by | 26/02/2015

Christianity Explored

(Review written for 'Christianity Explored - Handbook')

 I am doing the Christianity Explored course again, this time with a very small group of committed Christians, and, as before, am finding it profound, challenging and stimulating. We all are.
The presentation of the Gospel is excellent, told with humour yet earnestness, clarity and simplicity.
Though the package took some time to reach me here in Portugal, this was hardly the fault of The Good Book Company, whose service was faultless! 

| Review by | 26/02/2015

Vital guide, well produced. Good price.

(Review written for 'Christianity Explored - Handbook')

 Vital guide to go along with the Christianity Explored Course. Well produced. Bulk order prices very worthwhile. 

| Review by | 07/02/2015

Teaching takes precedence over preaching.

(Review written for 'Christianity Explored - Handbook')

 The two people I am working with love it.
This course, like Alpha, has moved very firmly from preaching to teaching.
What about developing it from evangelism to fostering a deeper understanding of the gospel for Christians a little further on? I have used the topic headings in the followup readings to try to create a greater intimacy with the text and have found that it allows the grasp of the gospel to widen appreciably. The next stage would be to deepen it. Many if not most Christians do not know a gospel from start to finish, Christianity Explored makes a great contribution to changing that status quo. The real success is the realisation that teaching has a far greater impact than preaching in the longer term. But, yes, we need them both. 

| Review by | 11/12/2014

Good Value Reliable Service

(Review written for 'Christianity Explored - Handbook')

 We have placed several orders with thegoodbook company and they have been reliable and helpful at all times. Even when our backorder was delayed in the post they were willing to send us another package. 

| Review by | 11/11/2014

ideal for all who are searching ar need to refresh their faith.

(Review written for 'Christianity Explored - Handbook')

 I was told about Christianity Explored by a friend. Since becoming a Lay Reader and with no Minister at the moment, I decided to do the course to keep our parishioners fed with the love of God. There are a few non churched amongst us and all have been very uplifted and encouraged by the way the course is run. The speaker on the DVD, Rico Tice has an easy to listen to voice and the handbooks are so helpful. I certainly recommend this course for whether it is for those seeking to know about the Jesus, and for those whose faith needs renewing. 

| Review by | 09/11/2014


 The materials purchased seem to be what I require although I may need to purchase again. I hope to run a course using the materials in the Autumn. 

| Review by | 16/08/2012


 Staff were courteous and helpful by providing information and working out an arrangement appropriate to my requirements.

Goods arrived in good time. Since then I have had to return some unused items, and here again arrangements were fair and appropriate.

Overall verdict: excellent. Thank you! 

| Review by | 15/05/2012

Excellent Resource!

 Well worth getting, even if you're not sure about the's a good taster!

Keep the price low :o) 

| Review by | 06/05/2012

CE course Pack

 Brilliant Material, looking forward to using it. 

| Review by | 21/04/2012

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