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Jesus and You

The Jesus and You series gives you three ways to reach out to visual thinkers. With its jargon-free DVDs that bring to life the stories Jesus told in a relevant and engaging way, Jesus and You brings the teaching of Jesus to non-booky people. The courses:

  • are short and flexible (containing just 4 sessions each)
  • feature relaxed, friendly and down-to-earth presenters
  • help participants discover the real story about God and about themselves - perhaps for the first time.


Three courses to choose from:
  1. The King and I
  2. Close Encounters
  3. Tales of the Unexpected

"...Perfect material for small group evangelistic meetings..."
- The Rt Rev Martin Morrison, Rector of Christ Church Midrand, South Africa


The King and I

Stories told by Jesus about God's Kingdom

  1. The four soils (Matt 13 v 1-23)
  2. The weeds and the wheat (Matt 13 v 24-30 & 36-43)
  3. Seeds, yeast, treasure and a pearl (Matt 13 v 31-35 & 44-46)
  4. The net (Matt 13 v 47-58)

Tales of the Unexpected

Stories told by Jesus from Luke's Gospel

  1. The rich fool (Luke 12 v 13-21)
  2. The runaway son (Luke 15 v 11-24)
  3. The stay-at-home son (Luke 15 v 11-32)
  4. The Pharisee and the tax collector (Luke 18 v 9-14)

Close Encounters

People Jesus helped from the New Testament

  1. The man who came through the roof (Luke 5 v 17-26)
  2. The man silenced by a demon (Luke 11 v 14-26)
  3. The sick woman and the dying girl (Mark 5 v 21-43)
  4. The blind beggar (Mark 10 v 32-52)