Gospel Shaped Mercy - SD episodes

Gospel Shaped Mercy - SD episodes

The Gospel Coalition Curriculum

Every episode of Gospel Shaped Mercy track available to download in SD (576p)

1. Shalom - Part 1.mp4
1. Shalom - Part 2.mp4
1. Shalom - Part 3.mp4
2. Justice - Part 1.mp4
2. Justice - Part 2.mp4
2. Justice - Part 3.mp4
3. Love - Part 1.mp4
3. Love - Part 2.mp4
3. Love - Part 3.mp4
4. Mercy - Part 1.mp4
4. Mercy - Part 2.mp4
4. Mercy - Part 3.mp4
5. Generosity - Part 1.mp4
5. Generosity - Part 2.mp4
5. Generosity - Part 3.mp4
6. Reconciliation - Part 1.mp4
6. Reconciliation - Part 2.mp4
6. Reconciliation - Part 3.mp4
7. Diversity - Part 1.mp4
7. Diversity - Part 2.mp4
7. Diversity - Part 3.mp4
GSC Mercy Trailer.mp4
Meet the Presenter - Stephen Um.mp4
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These episodes are in Standard Definition and are suitable for playing on smaller screens, laptops, tablets, ipads and mobile devices. Each episode is between 80-100Mb.

This seven-week track explores what it means to be a community engaging with the world with compassion and justice.

This flexible resource will train your whole church through teaching, preaching, daily reading and small-group Bible study and discussion—or any combination of those elements. The overall aim is that your church will embark on a journey to discover the kind of people they should be as they are shaped by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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  • 1. Shalom
  • 2. Justice
  • 3. Love
  • 4. Mercy
  • 5. Generosity
  • 6. Reconciliation
  • 7. Diversity


Author Stephen Um
Format Digital Download
First published 2017
Language US English
No. of studies 7
Publisher The Good Book Company

We live in a world that regularly groans under the weight of division and injustice. Here is a unique opportunity to be deeply equipped to answer these groans through a gospel shaped doing of justice and mercy.

Vermon Pierre

Lead Pastor, Roosevelt Community Church, Phoenix, Arizona, and TGC Council member.

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