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Case for Easter

A journalist investigates the evidence for the resurrection

Case for Easter

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Drawing on expert testimony first shared in his book The Case for Christ, Strobel examines the evidence.


Of the many world religions, only one claims that its founder returned from the grave. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the very cornerstone of Christianity.

But a dead man coming back to life? In our sophisticated age, when myth has given way to science, who can take such a claim seriously? Some argue that Jesus never died on the cross. Conflicting accounts make the empty tomb seem suspect.

How credible is the evidence for the resurrection? Focusing his award winning skills as a legal journalist on history's most compelling enigma, Lee Strobel retraces the startling findings that led him from atheism to belief. Drawing on expert testimony first shared in his book The Case for Christ, Strobel examines the Medical Evidence, the Evidence of the Missing Body and The Evidence of Appearances.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • 1. The medical evidence: was Jesus' death a sham and His resurrection a hoax?
  • 2. The evidence of the missing body: was Jesus' body really absent from the tomb?
  • 3. The evidence of appearances: was Jesus seen alive after His death on the cross?
  • Conclusion

Additional Information

Author Lee Strobel
ISBN 9780310254737
Format Paperback
Dimensions 105mm x 170mm
Pages 95
Publisher Zondervan

Customer Reviews

Nice, clear arguments.

 It was great to read in answer to a lot of questions/debates I've had with people, and also nice to see the evidence of Easter. Also, despite being short (which I think is an amazing thing) it's very clear and concise which lead to easy reading about something which is quite a difficult topic to explain. And I felt the fact the narrator argued from the point of someone with questions, it didn't feel like an intrusive 'you must believe this' book but instead pointed to a clear answer to the questions: Jesus died and rose again! 

| Review by | 20/04/2012

worth reading

 gives a real eye opening point to the evidence for Easter, i found it really helpful to use along side my youth bible studies 

| Review by | 03/04/2012

Great book to give away

 We always buy a stack of copies of Strobel's Case for Easter to give away as a church over the Easter period. It's pretty short, thorough, readable, well argued...and they almost all always go! Visitors to church take them, regulars who want to sharpen up their apologetics take them, as well as people taking them for their friends.

It's hard to read the book and come to the conclusion that Jesus didn't rise again from the dead! 

| Review by | 06/06/2011

Straight to the point

 Lee goes straight to the point, and looks at the issues very analytically. Even for non-believers, the way he doesn't hold back from the facts that the medical doctors gave about the horrific state of Christ's physical body, there can be no doubts about a crucifixion escape attempt. The missing body and resurrection do require a degree of faith, but his interviews skilfully put aside common objections and head towards the obvious goal - the resurrection actually happened. A bit wordy, but an hour's read well worth it for those starting the Christian journey, or for those simply interested in the biblical and historical arguments. 

| Review by | 25/04/2011

Very well written

 I read this over Easter and was impressed with its presentation and content. For a journalist, who was sceptical about the Christian faith, to research so thoroughly and then come to a belief in the resurrection, was indeed very heart warming. 

| Review by | 26/04/2010

Excellent for putting into the hands of any enquirer

 An easy read, not because it's shallow, but it's style is appealing, carries the reader forward, using the techniques of reputable journalism. The writer is careful to keep to the main track in each of the three chapters and avoid being sidelined by minutiae. Once his case has been presented,he does not hesitate to press for a verdict from the reader. 

| Review by | 02/05/2008

For anyone in search of scientific data regarding Jesus' death.

 The book is very short and is basically divided in three parts. Each part has a different angle from which the evidence is tackled, and all appeal to different people.
This book is excellent for anyone who wants to picture what happened to someone undergoing a Roman Trial and really brings to life the suffering that this brought.
All the book is completely based on scientific evidence has no underlying assumptions, and all can be cross-checked.
At the end, the conclusion provides an opportunity to put all this evidence in practice.
I would recommend this book to anyone, but must be previously warned of rather graphic and violent, but realistic language. 

| Review by | 22/04/2008

Excellent resource for Easter

 Excellent resource for Easter. Our church offered them free for any who wanted one and some took them for friends and family. 

| Review by | 14/04/2008

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