Many Christian bookshops deliver an excellent bookstall service. We would recommend using one of these wherever possible.

However, where these are not available, we have developed a service which makes it as easy as posssible to run a bookstall at your church, summer camp, weekend away, coffee morning, annual mission—in fact, any kind of event!

Church Bookstalls

Find out how we can help you set up and run a successful church bookstall; helping your church to access quality, bible-centred resources at the right price.

Camp Bookstalls

Did you scratch your head at the wrong time and get volunteered to organise the books for your summer camp? Never fear! With our camp bookstall scheme, we can make the whole thing a complete breeze.

Special Event Bookstalls

We'd love to support you in your ministry in any way we can. If you have a special event coming up—maybe a mission, a weekend away or even a guest speaker—do get in touch with us to chat about how we might be able to provide some books on sale-and-return or similar terms to help.


An online bookstall can complement your existing physical book stall and or be a great solution for situations where a live bookstall isn’t possible such as in shared or community buildings. It also means you can offer the growing range of ebooks and other digital resources alongside physical books. We do all the hard work like hosting the bookstall and handling payment and delivery so that you can concentrate on promoting the resources that will most benefit your friends and community. Plus, for every pound that’s spent on your online bookstall, you’ll get 8p back, contributing funds to your ministry.

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