Husbands: Miscarriage is your tragedy too

Jason Ramsey | October 27th 2016

The five most painful words I’ve ever heard: “There’s no heartbeat, I’m sorry.”... continue reading


How has evangelism changed in the last 20 years?

Randy Newman | October 26th 2016

Randy Newman, author of Engaging with Jewish people, answers this question... continue reading


Should Christians take part in Halloween celebrations? Vote now!

Phil Grout | October 25th 2016

What do you think? Have your say in our poll... continue reading


Randy Newman on Engaging with Jewish People

Randy Newman | October 24th 2016

"Jesus satisfies the longings that are raised, but then disappointed, by all the key characters in the Bible."... continue reading


Friday Quiz: Genesis

Rachel Jones | October 21st 2016

We kick off a new series of Friday quizzes on the books of the Bible. Let's start at the very beginning: the book of Genesis... continue reading


Why is the Christian message good news for transgender people?

Vaughan Roberts | October 20th 2016

Vaughan Roberts, author of Transgender, answers in this short video... continue reading


How to do effective evangelism the way Jesus did

Rebecca Manley Pippert | October 19th 2016

Becky Pippert introduces a totally not new approach to personal evangelism. It’s all about being the same, but different... continue reading


Please, please DON’T give this book away

Tim Thornborough | October 18th 2016

If we had been writing a book for you to give away, it would be completely different... continue reading


Rebecca Manley Pippert on Empowered

Rebecca Manley Pippert | October 17th 2016

"Faith is trusting that Jesus is with us whether we "feel" his presence or not."... continue reading


A Very Different Christmas Wins Cover Design Award

Rachel Jones | October 14th 2016

Congratulations to TGBC's Head of Design, André Parker!... continue reading

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