When parenting is a battleground: The best advice I’ve ever received

Anonymous | February 22nd 2017

Parenting is hard. And never more so than when you are constantly pushed against, challenged and defied... continue reading


Three ways to get involved with a very special book launch

Rachel Jones | February 21st 2017

Hope when it hurts is launching on the 4th April—but here are three ways you can get involved before then

 ... continue reading


Christopher Ash on Where was God when that happened?

Christopher Ash | February 20th 2017

"What matters in the end is not how strongly we hold onto God, but how unbreakable is his loving grip on us."... continue reading


Friday Quiz: Ezra and Nehemiah

Rachel Jones | February 17th 2017

How much can you remember about these two Bible books? Try these seven quiz questions and find out if you're a Construction King or a bit of a tool... continue reading


Six ways to answer the question: Is God really in control?

Christopher Ash | February 16th 2017

Any thoughtful person asks these questions. Is there a God? If so, what is God like? Is God really in control? In history, there have been perhaps six main ways of “answering” these questions... continue reading


The Bishops’ Report: Homophobic, unloving and dangerous?

Sam Allberry | February 15th 2017

As General Synod prepares to debate the Bishops’ Report, those campaigning for the Church of England to embrace same-sex relationships have been underlining two commonly used arguments: that denying their legitimacy is homophobic and dangerous. Sam Allberry offers a response... continue reading


If God is in control, how can he hold me responsible for my sin?

Christopher Ash | February 14th 2017

Christopher Ash, author of Where was God when that happened?, answers in this short video.... continue reading


Five ways you can love and encourage your single friends

Andrea Trevenna | February 13th 2017

Single people, do you agree with our list? What are the helpful (and unhelpful) things married friends say to you?... continue reading


Christian women and erotica: the silent struggle you cannot see

Helen Thorne | February 10th 2017

“Is it possible that our pride in this area is preventing people who are struggling from coming to us for help?“ Helen Thorne on the release of Fifty Shades Darker... continue reading


Friday Quiz: 2 Chronicles

Rachel Jones | February 10th 2017

Have you got what it takes to be crowned a Bible genius, or will your knowledge of 2 Chronicles fall chronically short?... continue reading

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