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Posted in Best Buy Friday Dean Faulkner|9:07 AM GMT|October 31st 2014

This week has been, for many children and families, a half term break from school. The summer seems so long ago already and the struggle to get the children back into a routine took longer than expected, especially if you had a child changing schools as I did. The darkening mornings also provide little help in encouraging everyone in the house to leap out of bed of a morning.

As parents of two senior school boys, the ever decreasing time my wife and I get to spend alone challenges many of the practices and routines we have developed over the years. Later nights and those long school days take their toll on us all in the household. Tiredness sets in for the children before us ...... just! So how can we look after them and their needs without burning out ourselves?

As our children grow, the problems and challenges don’t go away (sorry those who haven’t got there yet!), they just change. Even when our children grow into adults there remains a parental concern about how they are doing and what they are up to. Well so my mother tells me (quite often).

But whatever position or situation we find ourselves in, we know we have the example of the ultimate parent in our loving and gracious God. Whatever we go through, much help can be found in his Word, the Bible. But how can we pull all that Godly advice together?

Ann Benton in, Aren’t they lovely when they’re asleep? does just that, helping us learn six key parenting concepts from a biblical perspective and with a God’s-eye view of ourselves.

Find out more HERE and pick up a copy for just £4.99 until midday on Monday using the code asleep1014 at the checkout.

Posted in Useful Resources Phil Grout|9:04 AM GMT|October 30th 2014

Available to pre-order HERE.

Posted in Interesting Thoughts Carl Laferton|1:43 PM GMT|October 29th 2014

It's Halloween on Friday (it will also be Reformation Day, but our local shops don’t seem to be stocking too many Martin Luther outfits). Whether you think the festival is horrendous, harmless, or somewhere in between, why not make sure you’re praying about it… here are five pointers from Colossians:

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Posted in Useful Resources Carl Laferton|9:54 AM GMT|October 29th 2014

Jesus takes on church-ianity

There’s one self-cure religion that looks really great, and is very popular in the western world. I know that, because I used to be part of it.

I call it “church-ianity”.

It’s very easy to go to church, sing hymns and enjoy the buildings… but still rely on your own guesses about God, rather than listening to Jesus. And it’s very easy to go to church, do good things and try to obey God… but be relying on these things to cure your sin-disease.

But only Jesus can save, not church. Going to church doesn’t cure you. Trying very hard to obey the Ten Commandments doesn’t cure you. Only Doctor Jesus can do that.

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Posted in On to a Good Thing Dex Fletcher|3:27 PM GMT|October 28th 2014

1. Real Books v E-Books. 

What are the top reasons for choosing a real-life, analogue, hard-copy book over an E-version? This survey may help...

2. 32 Tips for younger moms

Starting out your parenting journey? here are 32 tips on parenting from an experienced mom.

3. The State of Theology

These interesting info-graphics might help us understand some gaps in our theological understanding which might be hindering our effectiveness in proclaiming the gospel.

4. Is the Bible too complicated?

Is the Bible too complicated for those who struggle to read?

5. And finally...

Our video of the week is: Play Through The Bible.


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Posted in Useful Resources Carl Laferton|12:13 PM GMT|October 28th 2014

Dead men do not rise!

Many times in my life, I’ve been angry and frustrated with God. I’ve wanted to stop being a Christian. I’ve experienced doubts. But I’ve only rarely doubted the facts.

One time I did was in my third year at university. I was studying Philosophy as part of my course, and I left a session with one of the lecturers with serious questions about whether or not Jesus rose from the dead.

The problem the lecturer posed me, and that I struggled with, was this: no amount of evidence should ever make you believe in something that’s impossible. If something’s impossible, then even if the evidence for it is strong, it can’t be true. Pigs don’t fly. So if you see a pig in the sky, then even if it looks just like a pig, you must be mistaken. It must be a balloon painted to look like a pig, or a very oddly shaped cloud in red sunlight. Pigs just can’t fly, so it certainly isn’t a pig.

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Posted in Useful Resources Dean Faulkner|10:21 AM GMT|October 28th 2014

Some people find it easy to understand the Father and Jesus, but struggle to understand quite how and where the Holy Spirit fits into the picture. Who exactly is he? And how does he work in our lives?

The Bible tells us that we need to be led by the Holy Spirit (see for example Romans 8:12-14 and Galatians 5:16-25). Hearing the Spirit by Christopher Ash is for those who are 'thirsty for a deeper experience of the Spirit of God'.

There is much confusion about how Jesus relates to the Holy Spirit, how Jesus the Eternal Word relates to the Bible. People say, 'You have too much Bible and not enough of the Spirit' or it "It all very well talking about the Spirit but where's the Bible?' Whatever our background, we tend to fall back on untested prejudices or worry about unexamined doubts. This careful biblical argument, drawing mainly from John's gospel, helps us to see the answers to these questions in a firmly Trinitarian understanding. Hearing the Spirit is the way we know the Father through the Spirit. By asking where the Bible fits in this process, this helps us listen more deeply to the words of God.

Read more and get the ebook HERE for just £4.99 until midday Thursday - quote code htse1014 at the checkout.

Posted in Useful Resources Tim Thornborough|12:42 PM GMT|October 27th 2014

“I want a book to give to students who are willing to give Christianity a look but don’t want to be told they’re wrong, or stupid.”

“I want a book to give to a thoughtful 15-year-old that answers some of his questions about Christianity in a way that doesn’t patronise him, but doesn’t assume he’s about to get A*s in his GCSEs.”

“I know some of my young adult/student/older teen group are struggling with some big questions about faith, and I wish there were something they could read that would encourage them to keep trusting Christ.”

What book would you give these people?

We haven’t known how to answer these questions. Which is why we’re thrilled that Tricky has been written. Yes, we’re biased (we’re the publisher). But Becky Pippert, Rico Tice, Glen Scrivener, Nick McDonald and Jonty Allcock aren’t biased, and they’re excited about it, too.

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Posted in Fighting the Monday Feeling Rachel Jones|8:54 AM GMT|October 27th 2014

‘Listen to me, you descendants of Jacob,
all the remnant of the people of Israel,
you whom I have upheld since your birth,
and have carried since you were born.

Even to your old age and grey hairs
I am he, I am he who will sustain you.
I have made you and I will carry you;
I will sustain you and I will rescue you.'

Isaiah 46:3-4

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