Introducing Life Explored

Christianity Explored | June 29th 2016

Take a look at the brand new trailer of Life Explored... continue reading


Be still

Tim Chester | June 28th 2016

Maybe you’re in the midst of conflict or uncertainty. Maybe you fear exposure or shame. Maybe you feel as if your world is falling apart. God says, “Be still”.... continue reading


Barry Cooper on Life Explored

Barry Cooper | June 27th 2016

"You and I weren't meant to revel in our own glory – we were meant to enjoy an infinitely greater one."... continue reading


Something for the Weekend: 25th June

Phil Grout | June 24th 2016

A roundup of lots of great stuff from around the web to keep you occupied this weekend... continue reading


A prayer for uncertain and anxious times

Rachel Jones | June 24th 2016

Dear Father in heaven, you are the God of the nations and the Lord of history…... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The letter R

Rachel Jones | June 24th 2016

From ravens to Rahab… test your Bible knowledge with our Bible quiz! Have you got the brains to be crowned a Bible genius?... continue reading


In or out, here are four “avoids” for referendum day

Carl Laferton | June 23rd 2016

So you’re reading this on referendum day—decision day. And so as I write this blog, having given no steer on social media as to my intentions, it’s now time to nail my colours to the mast... continue reading


Work hurts sometimes—and that’s a good thing

Tom Nelson | June 22nd 2016

There’s no doubt about it—work can hurt. When work is tough, we’re presented with a truth to grasp hold of, and a choice to make... continue reading


5 things to pray for the EU referendum

Rachel Jones | June 21st 2016

The UK is days away from a momentous political decision. We should pray—and pray earnestly—for Thursday’s referendum. Here are 5 suggestions... continue reading


Tom Nelson on Gospel Shaped Work

Tom Nelson | June 20th 2016

"God calls us to create, collaborate and to cultivate."... continue reading

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