The one word that will help you focus your mercy ministries

Richard Coekin | March 28th 2017

“In all the attempts to alleviate suffering, we must not forget to alleviate eternal suffering by the proclamation of Christ.” – John Piper... continue reading


Friday Quiz: Ecclesiastes

Rachel Jones | March 24th 2017

"Of making many quizzes there is no end…" The Friday Quiz reaches Ecclesiastes! Have you got what it takes to be a Bible genius this week?... continue reading


How does Jesus offer hope in the face of terror?

Christopher Ash | March 23rd 2017

Christopher Ash, author of Where was God when that happened?, answers this question in this short video... continue reading


Why a risk-ready mindset is essential for growing churches

Richard Coekin | March 22nd 2017

Since he’s completely in control, we don’t have to be. Let me explain... continue reading


Friday Quiz: Proverbs

Rachel Jones | March 17th 2017

Our Friday quiz takes on the book of Proverbs. Have you got what it takes to be crowned a Bible Genius, or will it be a fool's errand?... continue reading


Comfort without the clichés: Eight ways to help hurting friends

Sarah Walton | March 16th 2017

What we really believe shapes what we actually say, both to ourselves and to others... continue reading


If God is in control, why should we pray?

Christopher Ash | March 15th 2017

It’s a question we’ve all asked from time to time... continue reading


Kristen and Sarah’s Story of Hope When It Hurts

Phil Grout | March 14th 2017

Suffering is real. But so is hope. Watch Kristen Wetherell and Sarah Walton's inspiring story of Hope When It Hurts... continue reading


Friday Quiz: Psalms

Rachel Jones | March 10th 2017

150 Psalms, 7 questions, 1 goal: to win the title of Bible genius. It's time to face the music and put your knowledge to the test in our Friday quiz.... continue reading


What we can learn from the success of the sexual revolution

Glynn Harrison | March 8th 2017

What is the secret of the sexual revolution's cultural power? What gives it such traction? Why have ancient beliefs and convictions been so rapidly overwhelmed and effectively abandoned?... continue reading

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