Same-sex attraction, transgender and the church: learning from past mistakes

Sam Allberry | September 28th 2016

Sam Allberry discusses the mistakes the church made when responding to same-sex attraction—and what we must learn as we discuss transgender... continue reading


Sneaking past the dragons: how to share the gospel in a suspicious world

Nate Morgan Locke | September 27th 2016

How can we share a Christian message that is as radical as it is wonderful, without getting peoples’ defenses up?... continue reading


Vaughan Roberts on Transgender

Vaughan Roberts | September 26th 2016

"As we find our place within God's story, we discover our real identity, true freedom and lasting fulfilment."... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The number 5

Rachel Jones | September 23rd 2016

From David and Goliath to the feeding of the five thousand—welcome to our notoriously tricky Bible trivia quiz. Have you got what it takes to be crowned a Bible genius?... continue reading


My guilty wardrobe secret and the crippling fear that besets us all

Tim Thornborough | September 22nd 2016

OK—I’ve got a confession to make that might shock you. If you’re not already, I suggest you sit down and grab a strong cup of tea and brace yourself... continue reading


How NOT to do an evangelistic Bible study!

Rachel Jones | September 21st 2016

How many mistakes can you spot? *WARNING* This video contains intensely cringy Christians.... continue reading


Four steps to turning conversations to Christ

Rebecca Manley Pippert | September 20th 2016

“I do want to share my faith with people, but the topic just never seems to come up…” Have you ever felt that frustration?... continue reading


Rebecca Manley Pippert on Empowered

Rebecca Manley Pippert | September 19th 2016

"Jesus doesn't ask us to come to him once our lives are "tidy". He gets deeply involved with messy, needy lives."... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The number 4

Rachel Jones | September 16th 2016

How will your four-tunes fare in this week's Bible trivia quiz? See if you've got what it takes to be crowned a "Bible genius"... continue reading


Dai Hankey reads Eric Says Sorry

Dai Hankey | September 15th 2016

Grab a cuppa and take five minutes to watch Dai tell you about Eric's next adventure... continue reading

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