Friday Quiz: The number 1

Rachel Jones | August 26th 2016

Our weekly quiz of Bible trivia. Will you come out as number one or be down for the count?... continue reading


What’s the real diagnosis behind spiritual apathy?

Christianity Explored | August 25th 2016

Life Explored presenters Barry Cooper, Nate Morgan Locke and Rico Tice discuss the real diagnosis behind spiritual apathy... continue reading


Preview Life Explored Session 5

Christianity Explored | August 24th 2016

What are you hoping will bring you fulfilment in life?... continue reading


A telling silence

Tim Thornborough | August 23rd 2016

Team GB returned home from Rio this morning on a gold-nosed airplane. For the athletes, the party is over—and now the PR trail begins…... continue reading


Barry Cooper on Life Explored

Barry Cooper | August 22nd 2016

"Your purpose in life, as a human being made in God's image, is to share in his perfect happiness."... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The letter Z

Rachel Jones | August 19th 2016

Seven Bible trivia questions. One goal: be crowned a Bible genius!... continue reading


Five things to pray AFTER your summer camp

Rachel Jones | August 18th 2016

It was one of those gut-sinking guilt moments. I came home from summer camp realising one morning the following week that I had barely thought about—let alone prayed for—the kids and the team I’d just spent an intense week with... continue reading


Preview Life Explored Session 4

Christianity Explored | August 17th 2016

What is the one thing you have that you dread being asked to let go of?... continue reading


Is it OK for Christians to be competitive?

Sophie de Witt | August 16th 2016

Are Christians allowed to be competitive? What about Christians involved in professional sport?... continue reading


Rico Tice on Life Explored

Rico Tice | August 15th 2016

"Sin isn't just something we do. After a while, sin starts to 'do' us."... continue reading

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