Four things God is in control of on Inauguration Day (and every other day)

Christopher Ash | January 19th 2017

As Inauguration Day marks the beginning of a new presidency, it is important to remember that some things never change – as Christopher Ash reminds us in this article. So encourage yourself today with these four truths... continue reading


For better for worse: Three things to remember when your spouse lets you down

John Hindley | January 17th 2017

People are disappointing. That’s reality.... continue reading


A Spiritual Health Check

Carl Laferton | January 16th 2017

Explore readers have kicked off the new year with a series of studies based around a Spiritual Health check; asking important questions like, 'How are you doing in your Christian life? Really thriving… barely surviving… or somewhere in between?' and 'How can you even know how you’re doing?'.... continue reading


John Hindley on Dealing with Disappointment

John Hindley | January 16th 2017

"Let your disappointments be fuel for firing your prayers, and not the burden that dampens your love."... continue reading


Friday Quiz: 1 Kings

Rachel Jones | January 13th 2017

Have you got what it takes to be crowned King of the Quiz? Time to put your knowledge to the test!... continue reading


The Reformation in 60 Seconds

Lee Gatiss | January 12th 2017

In 2017 Christians around the world will be celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. No idea what that is? Here’s a one-minute introduction to help you look like you know what they’re talking about... continue reading


Raw tears and holy fury: Confronting the reality of human trafficking

Dai Hankey | January 11th 2017

Human Trafficking. I knew about it, or at least I thought I did. That was until I heard about Eva (not her real name)... continue reading


No, I’m not “fine thanks”

John Hindley | January 10th 2017

John Hindley writes about two dangerous words you’ll probably say on Sunday morning: “Fine, thanks.”... continue reading


Tim Keller on 90 Days in John 14-17, Romans & James

Timothy Keller | January 9th 2017

"Sin grows when we think we deserve something from God. Godliness grows when we remember we are debtors to God."... continue reading


Friday Quiz: 2 Samuel

Rachel Jones | January 6th 2017

How much can you remember about the reign of King David? Find out if you've got what it takes to be crowned a Bible genius with our Friday quiz... continue reading

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