Time will tell: John Stott’s legacy 5 years on

Tim Thornborough | July 27th 2016

It’s now five years to the day since author, pastor and evangelical leader John Stott died, aged 90. A suitable moment to take stock and reflect... continue reading


25 years of evolving Christian book design

Rachel Jones | July 26th 2016

We opened up our design archive—do you recognise any of these TGBC covers from yester-year?... continue reading


Tim Chester on Exodus For You

Tim Chester | July 25th 2016

"Division becomes diversity when we are united in Christ."... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The letter U

Rachel Jones | July 22nd 2016

We've uncovered a whole load of unusual and largely useless Bible trivia for this ultimate U-themed Bible quiz. But do you know enough to win the title of Bible genius?... continue reading


The word of warning that saved me from burnout

Christopher Ash | July 21st 2016

Here’s how burnout almost happened to one church member, Ben... continue reading


Four things I wish every summer camp leader knew

Rachel Jones | July 20th 2016

Thousands of young people will be going on Christian summer camps this year. Here are 4 things a camp veteran wishes every summer camp leader knew... continue reading


Lolly-stick Summer Fun

Emily Robertson | July 19th 2016

30+ summer holiday activity ideas your family can actually do... continue reading


Barry Cooper on Life Explored

Barry Cooper | July 18th 2016

The resurrection of Jesus is the first smudge of sunlight on the horizon, proving that a new day is coming soon and cannot be stopped."... continue reading


Friday Quiz: The letter T

Rachel Jones | July 15th 2016

Put your Bible knowledge to the test in this week's t-themed quiz... continue reading


From the trenches: Reaching parents with toddlers in Southampton

Jane Watkins | July 14th 2016

A really encouraging read! Here’s some helpful ideas from one church toddler group on making meaningful conversations with parents... continue reading

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