Partners in Christian Ministry 

All of us here at The Good Book Company are ordinary Christians trying to glorify God in our lives and serve others in our local churches. We are passionate about Jesus Christ and we are convinced that the way to know and love him more, both individually and as churches, is to listen to what he says about himself in the Bible. Therefore it is our privilege to provide Biblical, relevant and accessible resources that will encourage you and your church family to keep going, keep growing and keep sharing your faith.

There are three arms to our operation: publishing, retailing and giving back.


Our name says it all. Here at The Good Book Company we believe that God's growth process for individuals and churches starts with us clearly hearing God's voice in Scripture. Therefore our aim is to produce resources which put the word of God in the driving seat, helping Christians to open up the Bible for themselves.

We strive to provide resources that:

  • promote daily Bible reading
  • encourage Christians to live for Christ 
  • enable evangelism
  • equip churches for Word-centred ministry
  • train the Bible-teachers of the future

Whether you're a church minister, a Bible-study group leader, looking after a wild group of teenagers on a Sunday night or serving God in more behind-the-scenes roles, you need to be refreshed in your thinking and equipped for service if you are to stay energised and effective in the work of the gospel. We hope that you will find a host of helpful tools in our range of materials now available in the UK, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

We also want to add value to our resources by providing free video downloads and promotional material, such as trailers, as well as talks from some of the fantastic events we are involved with (see the TGBC App for talks).


We sell all our titles online, as well as a hand-picked selection of those from other publishers that align with our statement of faith. We also sell our resources through other channels, such as bookshops. We are keen to support bookshops because of the unique ministry opportunities they have on Britain's high streets. Our prices are competitive whilst realistic so that we can keep investing in high quality resources, recycling profits, and ensuring that as many buying channels as possible remain open so that you have the widest possible choice. 

Another channel is working in partnership with churches to help them get the right resources directly into church members' hands. Take a look at our bookstall service—and for bulk and other special discounts, do contact us and we can set up a dedicated church account for you.

We want to provide a hub of information for both people in ministry and church members. Take a look at The Good Book Hub for jobs and apprenticeships as well as conferences, courses and events that will be helpful to your Christian life and ministry. We offer a conference booking service, so if you are running an event, do get in touch with us.

Giving back

We are very keen not to take financial support away from local churches and Christian charities and so we operate as a business. However, we are not motivated by huge profit margins, but by encouraging Christians in their faith and the advancement of the gospel. That's why we recycle our profits into projects that do just that. 

There are four main areas that we concentrate on as we seek to put our profits to good use: translating existing resources, producing Pray, Prepare, Preach study guides to help preachers in the majority world teach the Bible, selling Kipepeo greetings cards, and producing essential yet unprofitable ministry resources and training events (the Evangelists Conference, Growing Young Disciples). Buying directly from us helps us to achieve all this. For more information, please check out our partners page. 

A little bit of history

The Good Book Company started in 1991, and has grown to 25 members of staff in our South-West London offices and has an office in the USA, and partner offices in Sydney, Australia and Christ Church, New Zealand. We're a diverse collection of believers with Anglican, Baptist, Congregational and Free Church backgrounds who are united in our aim to support and encourage the spread of the gospel by providing resources that help Christians grow in their understanding and love of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Working closely with others

We always enjoy linking up with other gospel-focused ministries and organisations and are particularly excited by our partnership with Christianity Explored.

If you are an author who would like to discuss the potential of working with us, please see our Guidance for Authors page. 

This is who we are, and we hope to serve the Lord by serving you. If you have specific questions about us or our work, please contact us.

To read our Statement of Faith, please click here.

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